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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

YAG  Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
YAGE  Experimental Service Craft
YAM  Missile Support Craft
YAMM  Missile Support Barge
YC  Open Barge
YCF  Car Barge
YCK  Lighter Open Cargo
YCV  Lighter Aircraft Transport
YD  Floating Crane
YDG  Deperming/Degaussing Barge
YDT  Diving Tender
YE  Ammunition Lighter
YEN  Ammunition Barge
YF  Covered Lighter
YFB  Ferry
YFDB  Large Floating Drydock
YFDL  Small Floating Drydock
YFDM  Medium Floating Drydock
YFL  Launch
YFN  Covered Barge
YFNB  Large Covered Barge
YFND  Drydock Companion Barge
YFP  Floating Power Barge
YFR  Refrigerated Lighter
YFRN  Refrigerated Barge
YFU  Harbor Utility Transport
YG  Garbage Lighter
YGN  Garbage Barge
YGS  Survey Craft
YGT  Target Service Craft
YGTN  Target Barge
YH  Ambulance Craft
YM  Dredge
YMN  Non-Self-Propelled Dredge
YNC  Net Cargo Craft
YNG  Gate Craft
YO  Fuel Lighter
YON  Fuel Barge
YOS  Oil Storage Barge
YOSR  Nuclear Waste Disposal Barge
YOSS  Submersible Oil Storage Barge
YPD  Floating Pile Driver
YPL  Barracks Barge
YPT  Torpedo Retriever
YR  Floating Workshop Barge
yr  Year
YRC  Cable Tender
YRD  Auxiliary Repair Dock
YRG  Tank Cleaning Craft
YRRN  Radiological Repair Barge
YRS  Salvage Craft
YSR  Sludge Removal Craft
YSS  Service Submersible
YTB  Large Harbor Tug
YTL  Small Harbor Tug
YTM  Medium Harbor Tug
YTR  Fireboat
YTS  Sail Training Craft
YVS  Seaplane Service Craft
YW  Water Lighter
YWN  Water Barge
YXR  Hulk or Relic
YXT  Training Craft



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