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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

O/A  On or About
OA  (1) Office Automation; (2) Operations Analysis; (3) Operational Area
OAC  Objective Architecture Center
OAD  (1) Operational Availability Date; (2) Objective Architecture Document
OAD-2  Objective Architecture Document, 2nd Iteration
OADR  Originating Agency’s Determination Required
OALAN  Office Automation Local Area Network
OAMP  Optical Airborne Measurements Program
OAP  (1) Organizational Assessment Package; (2) Offset Aim Point
OAPEC  Organization of Arab Petroleum-Exporting Countries
OAS  (1) Organization of American States; (2) Offensive Air Support
OASA(RDA)  Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development, and Acquisition)
OASD  Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD(C3I)  OASD (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)
OASIS  (1) Operational Application of Special Intelligence Systems; (2) Office Automation System for Intelligence Support
OATS (1)  Operations Analysis for Tactical Support; (2) Online AIF Transaction System
OAU  Organization of African Unity
OB  Order of Battle
OBC  Optical Bar Camera
OBE  Overtaken By Events
OBI  Observable Human Resources Intelligence
OBI-OC  OBI Operations Center
OBIS  Order of Battle Intelligence System
Obj  Object
OBP  On-Board Processing
OBO  Official Business Only
OBS  (1) Ocean Baseline System; (2) Orders of Battle System; (3) Observations (Optical Tracking)
OBSS  (1) Off-Board Sensor Systems; (2) Operational Briefing Support System
OBSUM  Order of Battle Summary
OBU  OSIS Baseline Upgrade
OC  (1) Dissemination and extraction of Information Controlled; (2) Optical Carrier
O&C  Operations & Control
OCA  (1) Ocean Control Authority; (2) Operational Control Authority; (3) Offensive Counterair
OCAC  Operational Control and Analysis Center
OCAM  Afro-Malagasy and Mauritian Common Organization
OCAR  Office, Chief of Army Reserve
OCCIS  Operational Command and Control Information System
OCCULT  Optical Covert Communications Using Laser Transceivers
OCEANLANT  Ocean Atlantic Area (NATO)
OCJCS  Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
OCM  Operational Coordination Message
OCMA  Objective Collection Management Architecture
OCMC  Overhead Collection Management Center
OCNO  Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OCOKA  Observation and Fields of Fire, Concealment and Cover, Obstacles, Key terrain, Avenues of Approach, and Mobility Corridors
OCR  (1) Office of Collateral Responsibility; (2) Optical Character Reader
OCS  (1) Officer Candidate School; (2) Offensive Counterspace
OCS3  Optical Carrier 3 Communications
OCSA  Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army
OCSURV  Ocean Surveillance
OCU  Operational Conversion Unit
OD  Operating Directive(s)
ODA  Operational Detachment Alpha
ODC  Office of Defense Cooperation
ODCSINT  Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
ODCSLOG  Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSPER  Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
ODECA  Organization of Central American States
ODIN  Operations Dedicated Imagery Network (LOCE)
ODISC4  Office of Director Information Systems Command, Control, Communications, Computers
ODJS  Office of the Director, Joint Staff
ODP  (1) Officer Distribution Plan; (2) Office of Defense Planning
ODRP  Office of the Defense Representative - Pakistan
ODS  (1) Open Data Server; (2) Operation DESERT STORM; (3) Output Data Server
OE  Operational Effectiveness
OECD  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEE  Operational ELINT Exploitation
OEF  Operational Exploitation Facility
OEG  Operational Exposure Guide
OEIC  Overseas Economic Intelligence Committee
OER  (1) Officer Evaluation Report; (2) Officer Efficiency Report; (3) Operational ELINT Requirements
OET  Office of Emergency Transportation
OFC  Office
OFCO  Offensive Counterintelligence Operation
Off  Officer
OFM  Office of Foreign Mission
OGOOI  Operations Group Operations Officer Intelligence (Air Force)
OGS  Overseas Ground Station
OGS I Operations Group Support Intelligence (Air Force)
OHD  Over-the-Horizon Detection Radar
OHD-B  Over-the-Horizon Detection Radar-Backscatter
OI  (1) Operating Instruction; (2) Operational Interest
O&I  Operations & Intelligence
OIA  (1) Office of Imagery Analysis; (2) Operations Intelligence Automation
OIC  Officer in Charge
OICC  (1) Operational Intelligence Crisis Center; (2) Operational Intelligence Coordination Center
OICS  Operational Intelligence Collection System
OII  Operations-Intelligence Interface
OILO  Operations Intelligence Liaison Officer
OIP  (1) Offset Instrumentation Point; (2) Operator Interface Processor
OIR  Operational Intelligence Requirement
OISS  Operational Intelligence Support System
OIW  OII Workstation
OJCS  (1) Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; (2) Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OJT  On-the-Job Training
OL  Operating Location
OLC  Oak Leaf Cluster
OM  Operations Module
O&M  Operation and Maintenance
OMA  (1) Office of Military Affairs (CIA); (2) Operations and Maintenance, Army
OMAR  Operations and Maintenance Army Reserve
OMAT  Ocean Measurements and Array Technology
OMB  Office of Management and Budget
OMC  Office of Military Cooperation
OMC-K  Office of Military Cooperation-Kuwait
OMG  Operational Maneuver Group (FSU)
OMNG  Operation and Maintenance, National Guard
OMOB  Offensive Missile Order of Battle
OMV  Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
ON  Original Negative (film)
ONA  Australia Office of National Assessments
ONC  Operational Navigation Chart
ONI  Office of Naval Intelligence
ONIR  Overhead Non-Imaging Infrared
ONLEXKED  On-Line Five Year Exercise Schedule System
ONOO  Outline NATO Operational Objective
ONPG  Operational Nuclear Planning Group
ONR  Office of Naval Research
ONS  Operational Needs Statement
ONUC  United Nations Operations in the Congo
ONUMOZ  United Nations Operations in Mozambique
ONUSAL  United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador
OOA  Out of Area
OOB  Order of Battle
OODA  Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action
OOK  On/Off Keying
OOP  Object Oriented Programming
OOTW  Operations Other Than War
OP  (1) Observation Post; (2) Operation; (3) Operational
OPA  Other Procurement Activity
OP3  Overt Peacetime PSYOP Program
OPCC  Offutt Processing and Correlation Center
OPCEN  Operations Center
OPCODES  Operational Codes
OPCOM  Operational Command
OPCON  Operational Control
OPDEC  Operational Deception
OPEC  Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries
OPELINT  Operational Electronic Intelligence
OPF  Orbiter Processing Facility
OPFAC  Operational Facilities
OPFIS  Operational Foreign Instrumentation Signals
OPFOR  Opposing Forces
OPG  Operations Planning Group
OPI  Office of Primary Interest
OPIC  (1) Overseas Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPIC-A  Overseas Processing and Interpretation Center - Asia
OPINT  Optical Intelligence
OPINTEL  Operational Intelligence
OPLAN  Operations Plan
OPM  Office of Personnel Management
Opn(s)  Operation(s)
OPNAV  Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNOTES  Operational Notes
OPORDER/OPORD  Operations Order
OPPAR  Opposing Army
OPR  Office(r) of Primary Responsibility; Officer Performance Report
OPREP  Operations Report
OPREPS  Operational Reporting System
OPS/OPNS/OP  Operations
OPS/INTEL  Operations Intelligence
OPSDEPS  Operations Deputies (JCS)
OPSCO  Operations Coordinator
OPSCOM  Operations Committee
OPSCOMM  Operations Secure Communications
OPSEC  Operations Security
OPSKAN  Open Skies Advanced Notice
OPSNOTE  Operations Note
OPT  (1) Optional Modification; (2) Operations Planning Team
OPTEMPO  Tempo of Operations
OPTEVFOR  Operational Test and Evaluation Force
OPTINT  Optical Intelligence
OPTIR  Optical Infrared
OPUS  OBU Program Upgrade System
OR  (1) Operational Requirements; (2) Operationally Ready
ORBINT  Orbital Intelligence
ORBIT  System Development Corporation Data Search Service
ORCON  (1) Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator; (2) Originator Controlled
ORD  Operational Requirements Document
ORE  Operational Readiness Exercise
ORF  Official Representation Fund
Org  Organization
ORI  Operational Readiness Inspection
OS  (1) Operating System; (2) Cryptologic Officer
O&S  Operations & Support
OSA  Open Systems Architecture
OSAP  Ocean Surveillance Assessment Program
OSAS  Operational Space Application System
OSC  (1) Office of the Security Council; (2) Operational Support Company; (3) Operations Support Center; (4) On-Scene Commander
OSCAR  Optical Submarine Communications by Aerospace Relay
OSCARCP  Operations Support Center and Rear Command Post (Korea)
OSD  Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSD(C)  OSD (Comptroller)
OSF  Open Systems Foundation
OSI  (1) Operating Systems Incorporated (Contractor); (2) On-Site Inspection; (3) Off-Shore Islands; (4) Office of Special Investigations; (5) Open System Interconnect; (6) Office of Special Investigations; (7) Open System Interconnect
OSIA  On Site Inspection Agency
OSINT  Open Source Intelligence
OSIS  (1) Ocean Surveillance Information System; (2) Open Source Information Service
OSP  (1) Ocean Surveillance Product; (2) Operational Support Package
OSPRA  Ocean Surveillance Pattern Recognition Algorithm
OSO  Operational Support Office
OSP  Operational Support Packages
OSS  (1) Operational Storage Site; (2) Operations Support Squadron; (3) Operations Support System
OSSC  On-Line System Support Center
OST  Outer Space Treaty
OSTP  Office of Science and Technology Policy
OT  (1) Overseas Territories; (2) Overtime; (3) Operational Test; (4) One Time; (5) Operations Team
OT&E  Operational Test and Evaluation
OTA  (1) Operational Tasking Authority; (2) Office of Technology Assessment
OTAD  Over-The-Air Key Distribution
OTAR  Over-The-Air Rekeying
OTAT  Over-The-Air Transmission/Transfer
OTAU  Over-The-Air Updating
OTC  (1) Officer in Tactical Command; (2) Over-the-Counter
OTCIXS  (1) Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange Subsystem; (2) OTC Information Exchange System
OTEA  Operational Test and Evaluation Agency (U.S. Army)
OTH  Over-the-Horizon
OTH-B  Over-the-Horizon Backscatter
OTH-R  Over-the-Horizon Radar
OTH-T  Over-the-Horizon Targeting
OTIS  Operational Targeting Intelligence System
OTM  On the Move
OTP  One-Time Pad
OTS  (1) One-Time Source; (2) Officer Training School; (3) Oahu Telecommunications System
OTT  One-Time Tape
OTU  Operational Training Unit
OUO  Official Use Only
OUSDRE  Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research & Engineering
OUTS  Operational Unit Transportable System
OVOP  Overt Operational Proposal
OVPF  Object-Oriented Vector Product Format



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