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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

i  Inclination
I2  Intelligence Information
IA  (1) Imagery Analyst; (2) Intelligence Assistant; (3) Initial Assessment; (4) Intelligence Analyst; (5) Intelligence Agent
IAA  Interagency Agreement
I&A  (1) Imagery and Analysis; (2) Identifcation and Authentication
IAB  Imagery Analysis Branch
IAC  (1) Intelligence Analysis Center; (2) Intelligence Advisory Committee; (3) Intelligence Analyst Course (DIA); (4) Information Analysis Centers
IAD  (1) Intelligence Analysis Division; (2) Integrated Air Defense
IADB  Inter-American Defense Board
IADS  Integrated Air Defense System
IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency
IAG  (1) Intelligence Analysis Group (formerly ITAD); (2) Imagery Analysis Group
IAGC  Instantaneous Automatic Gain Control
IAGS  Inter-American Geodetic Survey
IAIPS  Integrated Automated Intelligence Processing System
IAM  Imagery Analysis Memorandum
IAMP  Imagery Acquisition and Management Plan
IAMS  Individual Aerial Mobility System
IAN  Imagery Analysis Notice
IAP  International Airport
IAPF  Inter-American Peace Force
IAR  Imagery Analysis Report
IAS  (1) Intelligence Access System; (2) Interactive Applications System; (3) Intelligence Analysis System
IAS WS  IAS Work Station
IASSA  INSCOM Automated Systems Support Activity
IAT  Intelligence Augmentation Team
IATA  International Air Transport Association
IAW  In Accordance With
IAWG  Interagency Working Group
IAWS  Improved Analyst Workstation
IBAC  Identity-Based Access Control
IBs  Issue Books
IBBS  Interim Brigade/Battalion Simulation
IBD Intelligence Baseline Document
IBDTF  IBD Transaction Format
IBE  Field-Initiated BE Number
IBERLANT  Iberian Atlantic Area
IBIS  Imaging Background Limited Infrared System
IBM  International Business Machines
IBO  Intelligence Baseline Overview
IBOS  Intelligence Battlefield Operating System
IBS  (1) Interactive Beacon System; (2) Integrable Base Station; (3) Integrated Broadcast Service; (4) Intelsat Business Service; (5) Integrated Bridge System
IBSSIR  Background Signature Survey
IBTA  Integrated Battlefield Targeting Architecture
IBUR  Intelligence Bottom-Up Review
IC  (1) Intelligence Community; (2) Intelligence Collection; (3) Integrated Circuit; (4) Intelligence Center; (5) Irish Concern
IC/EC  Intelligence Community/Executive Committee
ICA  Intelligence Center Atlantic
ICAF  Industrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAP  Improved Capabilities Program
ICARIS  Intelligence Communications Architecture and Requirements Information System
ICBM  Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICC  (1) Integrated Communications Center; (2) Intelligence Continuity Cell; (3) IMlNT Coordination Cell; (4) Intelligence Coordination Center (Coast Guard); (5) Initial Connectivity Capability
ICCC  International Council for Computer Communication
ICD  (1) Interface Control Document; (2) Intelligence Collection Division; (3) Initiative Communications Deception
ICDP  Intelligence Career Development Program
ICE  (1) Independent Cost Estimate; (2) Interface Control Element
ICEDEFOR  Iceland Defense Forces
ICES  International Cooperation in Ocean Exploration
ICF  (1) Intelligence Collection Flight; (2) Intelligence Contingency Funds; (3) Interconnect Facility
ICFTU  International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICIG  IDHSS CSSR Interface Guard
ICITAP  International Criminal Investigative Training and Assistance Program
ICL  Intelligence Coordination Cell
ICM  (1) Improved Conventional Munitions; (2) Intelligence Correlation Module; (3) Integrated Common Modules
ICMC  Intelligence Collection Management Course
ICOD  Intelligence/Information Cut-Off Date
ICON  Image Communications and Operations Node
ICP  (1) Intelligence Collection Platform; (2) Interface Change Proposals; (3) Incremental Change Packages
ICPS  Intelligence Communications Processing Shelter
ICR  Intelligence Collection Requirement
ICRC  (1) Intelligence Contingency Readiness Center; (2) International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRS  Imagery Collection Requirements Subcommittee (COMIREX)
ICS  (1) Intercommunications System; (2) Intelligence Community Staff
ICTF  Interagency Crisis Task Force
ICTT  (1) Improved Commander’s Tactical Terminal; (2) Interim Commander’s Tactical Terminal
ICU  Interface Control Unit
ICV  Infantry Combat Vehicle
ICW  In Coordination With
ICWG  (1) Interface Control Working Group; (2) Imagery Coordination Working Group
ID  (1) Identification; (2) Infantry Division; (3) Intelligence Division
IDA  Institute for Defense Analysis
IDAD  Internal Defense and Development
IDB  (1) Integrated Data Base; (2) Inter-American Development Bank
IDB-II  PC-Based Integrated Data Base
IDBM  Integrated Data Base Maintenance
IDBR  Integrated Data Base Retrieval
IDBTF  Intelligence Data Base Transaction Format
IDC  Interagency Defector Committee
IDCSP  Initial Defense Communications Satellite Program
IDEAS  Intelligence Data Element Authorization Standards
IDES  Installation Damage Expectancy Summary
IDEX  Imagery Data Exploitation System
IDEX  II Imagery Data Exploitation System II
IDF  (1) Israeli Defense Force; (2) Installation Data File
IDHS  Intelligence Data Handling System
IDHS  IDHS for the mid-1990s
IDHS-2000  Intelligence Data Handling System for the Year 2000
IDHS-II  Intelligence Data Handling System, Second Iteration
IDHSC  Intelligence Data Handling System Communications
IDHSC-II  Intelligence Data Handling System Communications, Version II
IDIMS  Interactive Digital Image Manipulation System
IDIQ  Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity
IDIRA  Introduction to Defense Intelligence Research and Analysis (DIA)
IDL  Interoperable Data Link
IDM  Improved Data Modem
IDMS  IPAC Document Management System
IDN  Integrated Data Network
IDNX  Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDP  Intelligence Data Processor
IDPS  (1) Imagery Data Processing System; (2) Integrated Deployable Processing System; (3) Interim Deployable Processing System
IDS  (1) Intrusion Detection System; (2) Infrared Detection Set
IDSCS  Initial Defense Satellite Communications System
IDSCP  Initial Defense Satellite Communication Program
IDSF  Intelligence Defector Source File
IDTT  Inactive Duty Training Travel
IDZ  Inner Defense Zone
IEA  International Energy Agreement
IEBL  Inter-Entity Boundary Line
IEC  (1) Imagery Exploitation Center; (2) Intelligence Exchange Conference
IED  (1) Improvised Explosive Device; (2) Imitative Electronic Deception
IEG  Imagery Exploitation Group
IEMATS  Improved Emergency Message Automated Transmission System
IEP  Independent Evaluation Plan
IEPG  Independent European Program Group
IEPR  Information Exchange and Processing Requirements Report
IER  Independent Evaluation Report
IES  Imagery Exploitation System
IESS  Imagery Exploitation Support Segment
IEW  Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
IEWCS  IEW Common Sensor
IEWD  Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate
IEWFAM  IEW Functional Area Model
IEWSE  IEW Support Element
IEWTAC  IEW Technology Assessment Center
IEWTPT  IEW Tactical Proficiency Trainer
IF  (1) Interrogation Facility; (2) Identification Frequency; (3) Intermediate Frequency
IFAC  International Federation of Automatic Control
IFF  Identification, Friend or Foe
IFFN  Identification, Friend, Foe or Neutral
IFOR  Implementation Force (Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR)
IFOV  Instantaneous Field-of-View
IFPS  Interformation Position System
IFR  Instrument Flight Rules
IFRB  International Frequency Registration Board
IFS  Imagery File Server
IFTE  Integrated Family Test Equipment
IFV  Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IG  (1) Interagency Group; (2) Inspector General; (3) Intelligence Group (Air Force)
IGCP  Intelligence Guidance for COMINT Programming
IGD  Intelligence Guidance Document
IGS  Image Generation System
IGSM  Interim Ground Station Module
IGT  Interdepartmental Group on Terrorism
IGY  International Geophysical Year
IHC  Intelligence Information Handling Committee
IHE  Insensitive High Explosive
IHFR  Improved High Frequency Radio
IHO  (1) International Hydrographic Organization; (2) In Honor of
IHR  In-Extremis Hostage Rescue
II  (1) Imagery Interpretation; (2) Imagery Interpreter
IIC  Imagery Interpretation Center
IICT  Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism
IID  Integrated Information Display
IIDP  Integrated Intelligence Development Plan (USCINCEUR)
IIE  Installation Identification Element
IIF  Imagery Interpretation Facility
IIG  (1) Imagery Intelligence Group (formerly USAlIC); (2) Intelligence Inspector General
IIM  Interagency Intelligence Memorandum
IIN  Imagery Interpretation Note
IINCOMNET  Intratheater Intelligence Community Network
IINS  Imagery Information Need Statement
IIPL  Integrated Intelligence Priority List
IIR  (1) Imaging Infrared; (2) Intelligence Information Report; (3) Imagery Interpretation Report
IIRES  Imagery Interpretation, Reporting, and Exploitation System
IIRK  Interarea Interswitch Rekeying Key
IIRS  Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale
IIS  (1) Indirect Identification System; (2) IPAC Intelligence Summary; (3) Imagery Interpretation Segment
IISE  Intelligence Information System Enhancement
IISS  Intelligence Information Subsystem
IITLPC  Inter/Intra Team Low Power Communications
IITS  (1) Intra-Theater Imagery Transmission System; (2) Installation Information Transfer Systems
IIU  (1) Imagery Interpretation Unit; (2) Imagery Interface Unit
IJMS  Interim JTIDS Message Standard
ILAM  Improved Limpet Assembly Modular
ILC  International Lines of Communication
ILD  Injection Laser Diode
ILE  Intelligence Liaison Element
ILEA  International Law Enforcement Academy
ILO  Intelligence Liaison Officer
ILP  Intelligence Liaison Party
ILS  (1) Instrument Landing System; (2) Integrated Logistic Support
ILSA  Improved Lightweight Satellite Antenna
IM  (1) Information Management; (2) Intermodulation
IM/GD  Intelligence Management/Guidance Document
IMA  (1) Institute for Military Assistance; (2) Intelligence Mobilization Augmentee; (3) Information Mission Area
I-MAE  Interim Medium Altitude Endurance UAV (formerly Tier I)
IMAF  1st Marine Amphibious Force
IMAP  Interim Mission Assessment Program
IMB  (USCENTCOM) Intelligence Management Board
IMC  The International Medical Corps
IMCO  Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
IMD  Intelligence Management Document
IMEF  First Marine Expeditionary Force
IMET  (1) International Military Education and Training; (2) Integrated Management Evaluation Team
IMETS  Integrated Meteorological System
IMF  International Monetary Fund
IMINT  Imagery Intelligence
IMIS  (1) Intelligence Management Information System; (2) Integrated Management Information System
IMLETT  International Maritime Law Enforcement Training Team
IMMP  Information Management Master Plan
IMNET  Imagery Network
IMOM  Intelligence Many-on-Many
IMOC  International Maritime Officer Course
IMP  (1) Interface Message Processor; (2) Input Message Processor; (3) Image Product; (4) Information Management Program
IMPs  Imagery Products
IMS  International Military Staff (NATO)
IMSAT  Imagery Satellite
IMSE  Imagery Management Support Element
IMSO  International Maritime Satellite Organization
IMTT  Intelligence Mobile Training Team
IN  (1) International Negotiations; (2) Intelligence; (3) Infantry; (4) Director of Intelligence (Air Force Component) (also A2)
INA  Information Not Available
INCA  (1) Intelligence Communications Architecture; (2) Integrated Nuclear Communications Assessment
INCOLLNOM  Intelligence Collection Requirement Nomination
INCOMNET  Intratheater Intelligence Communications Network
INCSEA  Incidents at Sea
INDICOM  (1) Indications Communication Network; (2) Indications and Warning Communications
INDICOMM  Indications Intelligence Communications
INEWS  Integrated Electronic Warfare System
inf  Infantry
INF  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INFIL  Infiltration
INFLIGHTREP  Inflight Reports
INFLTRPT  Inflight Reports
INFO  Information
INFOSEC  (1) Information Security; (2) Information Systems Security
INGO  International Nongovernmental Organizations
INI  Initiation
INL  International Narcotics and Law
INMARSAT  International Maritime Satellite
INMS  Integrated Network Management System
INR  Bureau of Intelligence and Research (State Department)
INS  (1) Inertial Navigation System; (2) Immigration and Naturalization Service
INSAT  Indian Satellite
INSICOM  Integrated Special Intelligence Communications
INSCOM  U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
INST  Instruction
INSTA  Automated Installations File (DIAOLS)
INSTAL  Installation
instl  Installation
INSUM  Intelligence Summary
INT/INTEL  Intelligence
INTACS  (1) Integrated Tactical Communications System; (2) Integrated Tactical Communications Study
INTCP  Intercept
INTEL  Intelligence
INTELCAST  Intelligence Broadcast
INTELCOM  Worldwide Intelligence Communication
INTELDATA  Intelligence Data
INTELINK  Proper Name of System
INTELSAT  International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
Intelink  Command server/client system that allows secure SCI connectivity to all commands on the network, and access to available files without additional log-on.
INTELNET  Intelligence Network Internet International Network
INTI  CI database
intg  Interrogation
INTRA  International Travel by Selected Foreign Officials
Intranet  Internet with local scope
INTREP  Intelligence Report
INREQ  Intelligence Request
INTSUM  Intelligence Summary
INUT  Indian Nuclear Underground Test
IO  (1) Indian Ocean; (2) Intelligence Officer; (3) Information Objectives; (4) Intelligence Objective; (5) Intelligence Operations (Division); (6) Information Operations; (7) Information Objectives
I/O  Input/Output
IOA  Indian Ocean Area
IOB  Intelligence Oversight Board
IOC  (1) Initial Operational Capability; (2) Intelligence Operations Center
IOCTL  Indian Ocean Conventional Target List
IOD  Intelligence Operations Division (USEUCOM)
IOF  Intelligence Operations Facility
IOIC  Integrated Operational Intelligence Center
IOM  Input/Output Module
IOMDWG  Interagency Offensive Missile Deployment Working Group
IONDS  Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IOR  Individualized Operational Ration
IONDS  Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IOS  (1) Intelligence Operations Specialist; (2) International Organization for Standards
IOSS  (1) Integrated Operational Support Study; (2) Intelligence Organization Stationing Study
IOT&E  Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP  (1) Initial Point; (2) Imagery Processing; (3) Intelligence Problem; (4) Instrumentation Point; (5) Immediate Permanent Incapacitation Dose; (6) Internet Protocol
IP/MP  Inphase/Midphase
IPA  (1) Intelligence Production Activity; (2) Imagery Product Archive
IPAT  Intelligence Planning/Programming Analysis Tool
IPB  Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace
IPC  (1) Industrial Planning Committee; (2) Intelligence Producers’ Council; (3) Intelligence Production Center
IPCP  Intelligence Production Campaign Plan
IPCS  Intelligence Producers Council Staff
IPD  (1) Intelligence Planning Document; (2) Intelligence Plans Division (USEUCOM); (3) Intelligence Production Division
IPDB  Intelligence Production Data Base
IPDS  Imagery Processing and Dissemination System
IPE  Intelligence Production Element
IPF  (1) Integrated Processing Facility; (2) Intelligence Processing Facility (Guardrail)
IPG  Implementation Planning Group
IPIR  (1) Immediate Photo Interpretation Report; (2) Initial Photographic Interpretation Report; (3) Initial Programmed Interpretation Report; (4) Initial Phase Interpretation Report
IPR  Integrated Personal Armor
IPIX  Interface Processor for Imagery Exchange
IPM  (1) Interface Processor for Imagery Exchange; (2) Intelligence Programs Management
IPMA  Intelligence Production Management Activity
IPMO  Intelligence Program Management Office
IPL  Integrated Priority List
IPM  Interpersonal Messaging
IPOIC  Interagency Prisoner of War Ad Hoc Committee
IPOM  Intelligence Program Objective Memorandum
IPP  (1) Intelligence Producer Profile; (2) Impact Point Prediction
IPR  (1) Intelligence Production Requirement; (2) In Process Review; (3) Impulse Response; (4) Internet Protocol Route
IPRG  (1) Intelligence Priorities Review Group; (2) Intelligence Program Review Board
IPS  (1) Integrated Program Summary; (2) Intelligence Production System; (3) Imagery Processing Segment (CARS); (4) Intelligence Production Section; (5) Instructions Per Second; (6) Imagery Processing System
IPSC  Information Processing Standards for Computers
IPSG  Intelligence Program Support Group (now CISA)
IPSO  Internet Protocol Security Option
IPSP  Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
IPT  Integrated Product Team
IPU  Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPW  Interrogation of Prisoners of War
IPWG  Intelligence Priorities Working Group
IPX  Internet Packet Exchange
IR  (1) Infrared; (2) Intelligence Information Report; (3) Illumination Rate; (4) Impulse Response; (5) Information Requirement; (6) Intelligence Requirement; (7) Initial Radiation; (8) Induced Radiation; (9) Information Ratio
I2R  Imaging Infrared
IRA  Intelligence-Related Activities
IRAC  Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee
IRBM Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
IRC  (1) International Red Cross; (2) International Rescue Committee
IRCM  Infrared Countermeasures
IRCS  Improved Radar Calibration System
IR&D  Independent Research & Development
IRD  (1) Independent Research & Development; (2) Intelligence Resources Division; (3) Intelligence Reserve Detachment
IRDB  Integrated Requirements Data Base
IRDC  Intelligence Research and Development Council
IRDHS  Imagery-Related Data Handling System (see AIRES)
IREMBASS  Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Surveillance System
IRDS  Infrared Detection System
IREMBASS  Improved-Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
IREPS  Integrated Refractive Effects Prediction System
IRF  (1) Imagery Readiness Facility; (2) Intelligence Readiness Facility
IRG  Interdepartmental Regional Group
IRGM  Infrared Guidance Module
IRINT  Infrared Intelligence
IRIS  Infrared Imaging System
IRISA  Imagery Report Index Summary
IRISF  Intelligence Report Index Summary File
IRK  Interswitch Rekeying Key
IRLS  Infrared Line Scanner
IRM  (1) Intelligence Requirements Management; (2) Information Resource Management
IRMS  Imagery Requirements Management System
IROF  Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives File
IROL  Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives List
IROP  (1) Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives Plan; (2) Infrared Optical Intelligence; (3) Imagery Requirements Objectives Program
IRPG  Installation Reference Points Graphics
IRPIA  Intelligence Information Report Photo Index
IRR  (1) Individual Ready Reserve; (2) Intelligence Requirement Request; (3) Intelligence Readiness Report
IRS  (1) Intelligence Research Specialist; (2) Internal Revenue Service; (3) Interface Requirements Specification; (4) Intelligence Requirements Subcommittee
IRSCOM  Imagery Requirements Subcommittee
IS  (1) Information Systems; (2) Intelligence Specialists; (3) Intelligence Squadron
I&S  (1) Intelligence and Security; (2) Intelligence and Surveillance
ISA  (1) International Security Affairs; (2) Interservice Support Agreement; (3) Intelligence Support Activity; (4) Integration Support Activity; (5) International Support Agreement
ISAF  Israeli Air Force
ISAR  Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISARC  Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Cell
ISB  (1) Initial Staging Base; (2) Intermediate Staging Base; (3) Intelligence Systems Board; (4) Intelligence Support Base
ISC  (1) Information Systems Command; (2) Information Science Center; (3) Intelligence Support Cell
ISCO  Intelligence Support to Combined Operations
ISC/SC  Intelligence Specialist Chief/Senior Chief
ISD  (1) Intelligence Support Detachment; (2) Intelligence Security Division; (3) Intelligence Support Division
ISDB  Integrated Satellite Data Base
ISDN  (1) Integrated Services Data Network; (2) Intelligence Services Digital Network ISEIntelligence Support Element
ISEMS  Improved Spectrum Efficiency Modeling and Simulation
ISEW  Intelligence, Security, and Electronic Warfare
ISF  Intelligence Support Facility (U.S. Navy)
ISG  Intelligence Support Group (U.S. Navy)
ISHMRS  Improved SOF High Frequency Manpack Radio System
ISIC  Intelligence Support and Indications Center
ISID  Interim Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
ISIDS  Improved SIDS
ISINT  Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
ISIP  Intelligence Support Interface Program
ISIS  (1) Integrated Signals Intelligence System; (2) Interim SOCOM Intelligence Threat Data System
ISLES  Information Systems for Law Enforcement Support
ISM  Industrial Security Manual
ISMB  Intelligence Systems Management Board
ISO  (1) Information Systems Office; (2) International Standards Organization
ISOFAC  Isolation Facility
ISOPREP  Isolated Personnel Report
ISOS  Intelligence System of Systems
ISP  (1) Intelligence Support Plan; (2) Industrial Security Program; (3) Intelligence Support Processor; (4) Integrated Survey Program; (5) Intelligence Survey Program
ISP DCS  Integrated Survey Program Data Collection System
ISP CPE  Integrated Survey Program Central Production Element
ISPER  IPAC Special Reports
ISPO  Intelligence Support Program Office
ISPR  Information Systems Processing Request
ISPS  (1) ISP Server; (2) Improved SOF Power Sources
ISPT  Intelligence Support Processor Tool
ISR  (1) Imagery Support Requirement; (2) Inter-Agency Source Registry; (3) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
ISRD  Information Systems Requirement Document
ISS  (1) Intelligence Support System; (2) Intelligence Support Subsystem; (3) Intelligence Support Staff; (4) Information Security System; (5) Information Systems Security
I&SS  Intelligence and Security Service
ISSA  (1) Information Systems Support Activity; (2) Inter-service Support Agreement
ISSM  Information Systems Security Manager
ISSO  (1) Information Systems Security Officer; (2) Intelligence Systems Support Office
ISST  ICBM SHF Satellite Terminal
IST  (1) Imagery Support Terminal; (2) Intelligence Support Team; (3) Intelligence System Team
ISTA  Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition
ISWG  Intelligence Support Working Group
ISYSCON  Integrated System Control
IT  Immediate Transient Incapacitation Dose
ITA  (1) Intelligence Terrain Analyzer; (2) International Telegraph Alphabet
ITAAS  Intelligence Training Army Area Schools
ITAC  (1) Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (U.S. Army); (2) Intelligence Tracking Analysis and Correlation
ITACIES  Interim Tactical Imagery Exploitation System (U.S. Army)
ITACS  Integrated Tactical Air Control System
ITAR  International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITAS  Improved Target Acquisition System
ITC  Interagency Training Center
ITCT  Improved Tactical Commander’s Terminal
ITD  (1) Interim Terrain Data; (2) Individual Training Directorate; (3) International Training Division
ITDB  Intercept Tasking Data Base
ITDN  Integrated Tactical Data Network
ITEP  (1) Interim Tactical ELINT Processor (U.S. Army); (2) Integrated Threat Evaluation Program
ITF  Intelligence Task Force
ITFN  Intra-Task Force Network
ITG  Interdiction Target Graphic
ITIBS  Improved TIBS
ITIC-PAC  INSCOM Theater Intelligence Center-Pacific
ITII  Internal-to-Internal Interface
ITL  Interagency Telephone Laboratory
ITO  (1) International Trade Organization; (2) Integrated Tasking Order
ITOC  Interrogation Translation Operations Center
ITP  (1) Intelligence Town Plan; (2) Interrogation/Translation Platoon
ITS  Imagery Transmission System
ITSS  Integrated Tactical Surveillance System
ITT  Interrogator Translator Team
ITU  (1) Interrogator-Translator Unit; (2) International Telecommunications Union
ITUT  Interim Tactical Users Terminal
ITW  (1) International Targeting Workstation; (2) Integrated Threat Warning
ITW&AA  Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment
IU  (1) Interface Unit; (2) Image Understanding
lUG  Intelligence Users’ Guide
IUS  Inertial Upper Stage
IUSS  Integrated Undersea Surveillance System
IVAN  Intelligence Van
IVCS  Integrated Vehicle Communications System
IVD  Interactive Video Disk
IVIS  Inter-Vehicle Information System
IVSN  Initial Voice Switched Network
IW  (1) Information Warfare; (2) Intelligence Wing
I&W  (1) Indications and Warning; (2) Intelligence & Warning
IWC  Information Warfare Center
IWD  Intermediate Water Depth
IWG  Intelligence Working Group
IWO  Intelligence Watch Officer
IWS  (1) Intelligence Work Station; (2) Information Warfare Squadron
IWSDB  Integrated Weapon System Data Base
IWST  Information Warfare Support Team
IWT  Intelligence Watch Team
IWTS  Indications and Warning Training System
IWW  Inland Waterway
IX  Unclassified Miscellaneous Ship



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